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As Cannabistry regularly pushes boundaries and tests assumptions in cannabis product formulations, manufacturing technologies and packaging design, the company’s many experiments yield both successes and failures. Occasionally a novel technology emerges that is such a “game-changer,” it develops into an entire technical platform upon which a host of applications are built. The technological suite described here exemplify several of these platforms that have served as a launchpad for many of Cannabistry’s demonstrably better products.



Hi-Phi extraction technology produces nature-identical cannabis oils without distillation.

Hi-Phi preserves the exact proportions of each strain’s terpenes, terpenoids, and cannabinoids, resulting in cannabis extracts which maintain the full potency as well as the characterizing flavors and aromas of the original plant.


B-Line Activation™

B-Line represents the culmination of over three years of intense lab work conducted by a world-class team of scientists and engineers to ‘crack the code’ on how to create fast-acting cannabis-infused beverages. Ultimately, this game-changing invention has broad application beyond beverages. B-Line Activation is a technical breakthrough that opens the door to faster acting cannabis-infused beverages and products as proven in rigorous double-blind studies.



The ability to deliver consistently effective cannabis products in different geographical regions with different cultivators and plant genetics depends upon identifying different strains of cannabis with similar molecular composition. Unfortunately, relying on cultivators’ nomenclature is completely ineffective in this regard. Cantography – our proprietary rapid plant-mapping system – collapses an analytical process which could otherwise take up to a year or more into a matter of weeks by quickly identifying strains that have the needed specific profiles as specified by each product formulation.