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World-Class R&D, Astounding Products, and Trusted Brands.

Our Story

In the beginning, companies like Cannabistry did not exist, and the scientists and engineers who performed similar functions in either other industries or academic circles were not actively looking at the cannabis industry as a viable alternative to apply their know-how. Our story is built upon the fact that cannabis is a powerful plant that could achieve a remarkable wide range of effects and functions if it received the proper amount of scientific attention and expertise. More than five years later, with a technical team that continues to grow, we are still discovering more hidden secrets as Cannabistry’s product innovations are brought to market. 

Our story does not have an ending, but it does have a simply stated goal – to experience better.

From beverage and food to pharmaceutical experts, to storied entrepreneurs and pioneering cannabis scientists, to excellence in engineering, regulatory and IP stars, to thought leaders and marketing gurus; our accomplishments are a result of our exemplary team.

Our people are our greatest strength! If you’re looking for a career in cannabis, you clicked the right link. Join us, and you’ll do the best work of your life while impacting people’s lives in one of the most exciting industries today – the legalized cannabis space.

Experience Better

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