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Our portfolio spans a spectrum of medical, wellness, and lifestyle brands. With continuous product evolution for our current brands and a pipeline of products in advanced phases of development, Cannabistry is accelerating the progression of new product releases at an exciting pace.


The Root of It All™

Discover a Life Rooted in Wellness! Powerful plant-based essential remedies for everyday conditions positioned for success in the wellness market. We offer essential oil tinctures and topical ointments made from blends of herbs and spices, inspired by ancient Ayurvedic philosophy of holistic wellness, and amplified with cannabis extracts to bring you back into your natural state of balance.



Explore “The Wondrous Power of Nature.” MISTIFI™ is devoted to those seeking pure innovative and undisputed perfection; cannabis connoisseurs with a discerning palette for quality, flavor, and experience in the convenience of a vape pen. Uniquely positioned for the lifestyle market and designed with luxury in mind.


Quantum Leaf™

Quantum Leaf is a brand designed to highlight the technical innovations that allow for the adoption of over-the-counter pharmaceutical delivery systems to be used as effective dosing mechanisms for cannabinoids. The brand successfully balances a medical sensibility with consumer relatability. Product categories for this brand include oral thin film, transdermal patches, nasal sprays, oral sprays and lozenges.

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Token is a playful and approachable brand created for grown-ups for whom cannabis is an active part of their social enjoyment. The brand embraces good times and humor while remaining tasteful and upbeat. Its colorful and eye-catching logo is both familiar and peculiar and is capable of achieving a lasting impression upon first glance – the ultimate objective when competing in a crowded marketplace.

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